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"Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic discipline that utilizes art materials as a means of facilitating the expression of thoughts and feelings that an individual might find difficult to verbalize.

The goals of art therapy are formulated in accordance with each individual's needs, resources, and interests, and may include increasing communication, developing self-control, building frustration tolerance, and promoting self-esteem.  Emphasis is place upon the creative process, rather than on the finished project.

Trained and skilled in art therapy techniques and interventions, the art therapist, who may serve as a primary or adjunctive therapist, encourages individuals to express personal concerns through the creation of art.

The work produced can be viewed as a tangible record of progress made toward meeting treatment goals, as well as an indication of where further intervention should take place.

The art work may not only be a source of pride for its creator, but also serve as a springboard for increased verbal communication."

   Excerpt from "Guidelines for Assignment of Clinical Privileges for Art Therapists, D.C. Department of Mental Health"


No Art Skills Needed.

Anyone can do this work, and do it well.

Art Therapy

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