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The Art of Relationships

This group helps one to see what's behind the choices made when seeking a partner, as well as what’s important to a person’s life, which should affect that decision.

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Loss & Renewal

A group for having lost someone, or the likelihood of someone dying soon. 

The aim is to touch on the sweetness of the relationship, and to move, just a bit, beyond the grief.

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Re-Discovering Myself

Created for those who have endured unwanted sexual experiences.

How a person has been affected, and how they move forward -- rather than the trauma -- is the focus of the group.

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Body Image

Originally designed for people with various eating disorders, this group is helpful for anyone

uncomfortable with their body.

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Drawing the Line

Constructed for people struggling with substance abuse, this group helps to clarify some of the particulars that fuel a person's habit.

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My Place in the World 

An existential group in which people identify what's important to them


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A four-hour workshop using chalk pastels, clay, and mask-making to clarify what a person is  experiencing in their current life situation.

Drawing from Within

Groups are $65.00 per 90-minute session, and run for either six or nine weeks.

 Drawing from Within half-day workshop is 160.00.

Space limitations allow for only four people per workshop or group.

Groups and the workshop take place on the weekends.

If there is a particular issue to explore, a group can be crafted to address that.

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